Is This You?

You and your business are unique, no doubt about it. And yet, through my work with them, I’ve found that many business owners struggle with challenges that are very similar. See if any of these situations sound familiar:

  • You manage to stay on top of things, but it’s by working until eight o’clock at night, when you’d much rather be relaxing. You’re exhausted!
  • You have exciting ideas for how to grow your business, but you feel stuck because it’s taking so much of your available time and energy just to stay where you are.
  • You’ve gone to the Caribbean for a vacation, but you can’t relax because you’re still working.
  • Your newsletter is a useful tool for connecting with customers and prospects, but you dread the whole process of putting it together every month. You wish you could just give that to someone else whom you know will take care of it well.
  • You have big plans for increasing your visibility on the Internet, but you have too much to do already to take the time to learn how to implement your Internet Marketing management strategy.
  • You need someone to help you keep those product launch management balls you’re juggling aloft, so that your great new product receives the attention it deserves in the marketplace.

So, with a little help, what is possible for YOU?

In my years as a virtual assistant, I’ve seen that there are certain patterns that tend to play out time and again, regardless of the type of business. With help, you can reclaim time to work strategically on your business and with the right help, you can relax into it, knowing that day-to-day tasks are being accomplished competently and consistently.

Virtual assistance will work well for you if the following describes you well:

  • You are comfortable with the idea of technology (even if you don’t know how to use all of it)
  • You value relationships and see them as the foundation of a successful, sustainable business
  • You value input and ideas from others, although the final decision about what to do in your business always lies with you
  • You find it easy to delegate; you’re not a micro-manager
  • You are trusting and trustworthy
  • You are focused and organized about your goals and work
  • You are relaxed about the fact that VA’s are professionals in their own right and are equals in the relationship
  • You value and actively seek balance between the various facets of your life
  • You’re committed to investing in yourself and in your business for quality products and help.

Read on to learn more about how I work with clients.