The Human Touch VA

Skills are important to getting things done, there’s no denying it. But they don’t tell the whole story.

It’s not hard skills that make a customer feel like she’s in a safe harbor where she’ll be taken care of by someone who cares. That comes from the human touch which springs from genuine kindness. And that’s what I bring to my work.

While it’s by no means exhaustive (if you’re interested in something else, be sure to reach out about it), here’s a sampling of services I provide for clients:

  • Product Launch Management Support
  • support
  • Database management
  • Newsletter formatting and broadcasting
  • Responding to initial client inquiries
  • Inventory management/product ordering
  • Interface with fulfillment house
  • Manage the back-end administrative tasks for membership site
  • Website/blog maintenance
  • Draft marketing emails and website copy
  • Set up and distribute teleseminar recordings.

All those are great and at the end of the day, you need to make and keep customers to stay in business. If you want someone to really take care of customers – someone who just plain likes people and whose customer care will make you look like the superstar you are – I’m the girl you want to talk with.