What Is A Virtual Assistant?

To understand how I help clients, you first need to understand what virtual assistance is.

The tongue-in-cheek answer is that it depends who you ask. Virtual Assistance is still a relatively young industry and definitions of it abound. But since you’re at my site, what I’ll give you here is my definition of what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and isn’t, because that will give you some initial information to use in judging if we might be a good fit for each other.

A Virtual Assistant is a seasoned administrative professional who – as a business-owner herself – provides virtual, across-the-board, administrative support to a select few clients in long-term, collaborative relationships.
A Virtual Assistant is not someone who only provides a single service, such as copywriting, but does it remotely. A VA is not a remote employee. A Virtual Assistant is not providing a commodity; the service she provides is unique, because it encompasses the whole of her professional experience, work style, values, and critical thinking ability.

It’s also important to understand that I firmly believe fit is the single most important factor in a genuinely great client/VA relationship. Because of that, my help actually starts before a business owner ever becomes a client.

How I Help Potential Clients

It’s true that I am paid well for the work I do. It’s also true that I will only accept someone’s money if I believe that I’m right for her and she’s right for me: This is one of my core business values.

So, before starting any working relationship, I sit down for two getting to know you conversations with potential clients so that together, we can explore whether there’s mutual fit. The first conversation will be about the nuts and bolts of your needs and goals and the second will be about deeper intangibles, such as work style, business loves and pet peeves, and expectations for a working relationship.

I encourage you to come with questions of your own and I ask you to relax into letting me lead the conversations. I’m fortunate enough to have made it past the ten-year mark as a virtual assistant and in that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a good client/VA relationship tick.

If I believe a potential client will be better served elsewhere, I’m honest about it. If, on the other hand, our getting to know you time leaves us both excited about the prospect of working together, I’ll make it easy for us to start doing that.

What Clients Can Expect

I embrace robust communication standards, so that clients are never left wondering about the status of projects. The majority of communication is accomplished well via collaboration software, such as Basecamp, or by email.

Because I go deep when I work and nothing can rip me out of the zone like the unexpected ringing of a telephone, I prefer that calls be arranged ahead of time. That said, I understand that this is not always possible.

I’m a thinker and I love working with clients who think for themselves and don’t blindly follow the herd.

I’ve deliberately chosen to keep my practice quite small, for some of the same reasons you’re probably looking for a Virtual Assistant in the first place. I want to be able to give quality, focused service and still have a good work/life balance.

My fees are based upon my experience and the expertise that I have gained over the course of my career. I offer retainers at a commitment of either ten or fifteeen hours per month.

As I hope I’ve helped you see, at least by my definition, a Virtual Assistant isn’t someone whose business is structured around project- or piece-work (although she may certainly accomplish many tasks for you).

Rather, she’s a sort of partner—not in the legal sense, but in the sense of someone who has your back. Someone who helps keep things running smoothly as she brings all her skills and experience to bear on your behalf.

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Want to know more about Virtual Assistance?

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