Administrative work isn’t highly regarded by everyone, but it can make the difference between a business where things run smoothly and one where, well, they don’t. Done well, I consider it a real craft.

My enjoyment of it began many moons ago, in Junior High School, when I was the fastest, most accurate typist in my class – and I don’t deny that I loved the distinction!

During my fifteen years in the corporate world, I moved from being the person who typed someone else’s letters to being the person who, as a technical writer, picked engineers’ brains and translated the information I gleaned into proposals customers could read and understand easily.

That last position was what introduced me to the wide world of technology and made virtual assistance feel like a natural fit when I decided to abandon my hour-long (on a good day) commute.

I love a cozy, comfortable atmosphere and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to create that in my commute-free (yay!) home office.

I graduated from AssistU in April 2008 and earned my stripes as a Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA) in the summer of 2009. I chose to pursue this certification because I wanted one that really stood for something. The Certified Professional Virtual Assistant exam is an eight-week client simulation in which you’re tested on what you can actually accomplish and how you work, not just what you can regurgitate on a written exam.

While I chose not to recertify in 2015, my years as a CPVA will always be something I’m proud of. You can verify me as an AssistU graduate and continued active member of the AssistU professional community here.

Who I Work Best With

As a VA, technically I’m a generalist. But in fact, I do have a niche, albeit one I have no name for. The people I like to work with have all overcome some challenge and have developed proven-in-the-trenches solutions. Their businesses are built around sharing these solutions. The challenges have been diverse, which is why I say I’m a generalist. But the people have all shared this common thread.

Beyond that, the people I’ve most enjoyed working with have all had the following in common:

  • They could clearly articulate why they were in their particular business—what drew them to it—as well as who they helped and how they helped them.
  • They were unfailingly gracious in their manner of communicating.
  • They were clear on their goals and valued input on how they might be able to reach those goals more easily or efficiently.
  • They were already basically organized—they weren’t in a mess that they were looking to be saved from.
  • They were respectful of my time and procedures, were organized about projects, and avoided habitual emergencies. Basically, they helped me to help them.
  • They were as committed to my success as I was to theirs and generously shared quality referrals and resources that have allowed me to build my business almost entirely by word-of-mouth.

If you see yourself in the above, I’d love to talk with you to explore whether working together would be a good fit for both of us.

Awards I’ve Been Privileged to Receive

Every year, the AssistU Community Recognition Awards are given to the  community members who best represent the qualities of the awards.

Staff Member of the Year honors the AssistU staffer who “has made a special and valuable contribution to the community and is extraordinarily passionate about her role.” This is an award given directly by Anastacia Brice, the founder of AssistU and the person who formalized the VA profession. I mean: wow! It is such a genuine honor to have received this!

Most Supportive Community Member of the Year honors the AssistU community member who “has been the most supportive of others, across the board, whether through personal contact, posting in the [private community space], or volunteering in the community.”

And VA of the Year honors the VA who “best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of a top-notch AssistU virtual assistant.”

The latter two awards are nominated and decided upon by peers. Given the incredible scope of talent and overall goodness that exists in the AssistU community, I can hardly express how humbling and yet heartwarming it was to be singled out for these instances of recognition!