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Years ago, when I was still working in the corporate world, my colleagues and I took a test to measure various forms of aptitude. (I’m a good test-taker and thought this test, while quite involved, was a lot of fun.) Anyway, it turns out that I’m extremely good at abstract reasoning, answering 100% of the questions in that category correctly.

I was kind of bummed about that because it sounded like a very made-up aptitude to me. I felt better when I read the explanation. Abstract reasoners are:

Very good at spotting patterns and processing complex information in a clear and logical way.

Excel at applying facts outside of their usual contexts.

Bring a combination of strategic thinking and creativity to endeavours.

Hmm, not too shabby after all.

A facility for language came in second, with (surprisingly) mechanical ability following as a close third. However, I only answered 40% of the questions in the spatial skills category correctly, so I am not the person to ask if you want to know what an odd-shaped object will look like when it’s rotated or how to put a whole bunch of suitcases into the trunk of a car in such a way that you can still close the lid!

And I get lost in unfamiliar places easily, so if I give you directions, the likelihood exists that you may find the level of detail I provide to be way overblown.

I’m a voracious reader with the library to match.

I’m an excellent teacher.

My favorite color is green.

I love animals.

I love designing beautiful, multi-functional gardens, inspired by the effortless beauty I find in the wild.

I share my life with my husband, Joel, two sons (both grown up now and one married), and two cats (the lusciously beautiful Lily and her independent-minded, swirly-tailed brother, Julian).

And, I’d love to hear about you, too. Drop me a line and introduce yourself!




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