Featured for How I Work

“Years ago, I went on a hunt for a talented assistant who was organized, efficient, smart, and able to communicate effectively (and lovingly) with just about anyone. It only took a few short weeks to realize that I’d not only found this person, I’d found so much more.

Nicole has become a valued partner to me, a woman with a sharp, analytical mind who easily anticipates my needs. She’s a trusted confidant who handles personal and professional assignments with impeccable integrity and very little supervision. And her unique balance of sensitivity and strength leaves me knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that people are well cared for when I’m engaged in my creative projects.

Most of all, she tends to my heart and my business in the most loving and careful way. Nearly every week, I stop and say a silent prayer of thanks for my virtual assistant, Nicole.”

Cheryl Richardson

(A client since 2013)

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